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                 01/23/2018 11:09 AM  
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05/16/2003 12:06 PM ID: 30319 Permalink   

Russian Roulette 'live' on TV.


Derren Brown, a 'Mind Control Expert' will perform a stunt using a gun and live ammunition in what is being called the ultimate TV stunt.

Someone from the public will put a bullet in a gun which will be given to Derren. He will then put the gun to his head and pull the trigger until he reaches the chamber with the bullet.

The show may have to be filmed in Guernsey due to UK gun laws.

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so i guess it won't be live due to the little apostrophe's... therefore if he does blow his brains out we won't see it? no fair! <stamps feet>

  by: guilty_spark   05/16/2003 12:45 PM     
  The link explains a bit...  
I would image though if he did blow his brains out you would see some of it on the web at some stage....
  by: bag     05/16/2003 02:53 PM     
  HAHAHA, if he got it wrong!  
Shit it would be funny if he blew his head off on national TV if he got it wrong. I'd probably videotape it.
  by: aitrus   05/17/2003 06:41 AM     
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