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                 01/18/2018 08:24 PM  
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05/16/2003 04:39 PM ID: 30326 Permalink   

Women's breasts are getting bigger in UK.


Research by Freeports Leisure, a UK clothes firm, has found that cup sizes in the UK have been going up steadily for the last three years. Some sizes have gone up by 36%.

The changes are attributed to lifestyle changes such as healthier nutrition and having children later in life. This helps keep their breasts fuller and pert longer.

Other theories are hormones in the water, cosmetic surgery and Darwin's Theory of natural selection. If men prefer big breasts then they pursue women who have them and they pass on their genes which include bigger breasts.

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  ha ha  
Actually I have noticed this myself. But also, they seem a lot plumper in general as well.

I'm wondering if there is a research grant in this somewhere. I could go travel the world and compile detailed anaylses of breast sizes.
  by: jendres     05/16/2003 05:00 PM     
Nice story...

Made my day!!!!
  by: azianperv     05/16/2003 05:19 PM     
  Its true! hurrah for the UK :D  
heh heh, solid news story ;)

My girlfriend is already big (double F natural!) and she’s a size ten as well, and its true, she's the youngest of her siblings and was born when her mother was 45 and one of her elder sisters is practically flat chested (and as jelous as hell) so maybe there's some truth in it!

I wouldn’t say they're getting plumper jendres just becoming plumper, since we as a nation (along with the rest of the west) are eating like 1000% as much sugar a day as our Victorian counterparts were. Oh and by the way, the breast inspection job will be mine!
  by: guilty_spark   05/16/2003 05:52 PM     
I looked for ages for something less controversial to post and found this...
Glad to see you are pleased.
  by: bag     05/16/2003 05:54 PM     
  gotta love evolution :)  
  by: fieldcar   05/16/2003 06:10 PM     
  probably is obesity  
There is no scientific basis that a healthy nutritious diet leads to bigger boobs.

It is common knowledge that pregnancy, obesity and surgery leads to bigger boobs. When my wife gains weight they get bigger. When she loses weight they get smaller. When she got pregnant they got real bigger-but there is a time span here.

There are so many mistruths in this tabloid article, I don't believe any of it. Sometimes The Sun has as much credibility as The Weekly World News reporting about Iraqi subs in Lake Michigan!
  by: JFURY     05/17/2003 01:49 AM     
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