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                 02/23/2018 01:37 PM  
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05/20/2003 03:20 AM ID: 30381 Permalink   

Pentagon Can't Account for a Trillion Dollars of Expenditures


The Pentagon's Inspector General has discovered that the Department of Defense cannot account for a trillion dollar's worth of expenses. This is seen as much bigger than the controversy over the $640 toilet seats it used to purchase.

Things are so bad that the Army cannot account for 32 tanks, 36 Javelin missile command launch-units and 56 planes. Currently, the Pentagon is approaching an annual $400 billion budget despite such conditions. Some are working to change things.

Project on Governmental Oversight Director Danielle Brian says that politics have made it so congressman increase defense spending without controls because it would be "unpatriotic" to do otherwise. A GAO head says Wal Mart tracks toothpaste better.

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  I can!  
I know where it all went! President Bush's flights!
  by: kolman36     05/20/2003 04:10 AM     
  Black Projects and Doughnuts  
A lot of that money can't be accounted for due to the nature of black projects, but a TRILLION?

They probably wanted extra cheese on their burgers...
  by: Borthox   05/20/2003 01:08 PM     
the dirty cheese greedy buggers.
  by: fragmentor   05/21/2003 02:15 AM     
  another reason  
the pentagon is evil.
All information should be free to everyone. The longer it isnt the longer they manipulate us like they do. Patriotism has been used as another tool for manipulation its sad how far they are going to get what they want.
Seems everyone is to stupid to do anything about it.
  by: infoflux2000   05/21/2003 05:33 AM     
  Sig Heil  
Be a patriot, don't question your government's expenditures.
  by: iwantanoctopus   05/21/2003 06:37 AM     
It was all that money they found in Saddams Palace! Thats were it was at... ask cheney and the crew at hali.
  by: heavygee   05/21/2003 09:26 AM     
  can anybody tell me ?  
would a billion dollars fit under your mattress?
  by: gr0wlley   05/21/2003 07:56 PM     
  yes it can  
because if you have a billion dollars, you can buy a very big matress

anyways i know where it all went, research. how to make pretzels less dangerous, how to give bush a brain, building a custom heart for cheney, linguistics classes for bush so he can pronounce "condolezza" properly, etc.
  by: juanito   05/22/2003 08:17 AM     
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