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                 08/29/2015 10:55 PM  
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05/22/2003 09:18 AM ID: 30416 Permalink   

Ghosts Explained by Psychologists


Psychologists from England believe they have found a reason why people believe they see or feel the presence of ghosts. They studied the reaction of hundreds of volunteers at two famous "haunted" houses in England.

The study showed a link between magnetic fields and ghostly experiences. Hampton Court Palace in Surry has high magnetic fields where sightings have occurred, as does South Bridge Vaults in Edinburgh.

Dr Paul Stevens said: "The correlations between ghostly activity and magnetic variance were relatively large and tie in with laboratory findings that suggest varying magnetic fields have a measurable effect on human physiology."

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  The scource  
has way too much detail to be able to summerize in the limited space here.
  by: boolie     05/22/2003 09:20 AM     
  heard this all before [NT]  
  by: Elite   05/22/2003 12:28 PM     
  I thought it was because  
ghosts and stuff are programs from a previous version of the Matrix...

  by: JULESLADY     05/22/2003 06:10 PM     
yeah, but how is data transfered to the clusters on a hard drive? by magnetic recording techniques

So it is magnetic!
  by: juanito   05/22/2003 06:42 PM     
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