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                 01/21/2018 11:28 PM  
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05/29/2003 03:23 PM ID: 30571 Permalink   

Qantas hijack attempt thwarted


A 40 year old Australian man is in custody after stabbing two flight attendants with sharpened wooden stakes and injuring two other people onboard a domestic Qantas flight. The two flight attendants have been taken to hospital.

The man was subdued by passengers and staff after he rose from his seat and headed for the cockpit of the Boeing 717, armed with two 15 centimetre long stakes. The attack has been confirmed as a hijack attempt but the motive has not been determined.

"Although it looks like it was premeditated, it doesn't appear to have been an act of terrorism", said the Federal Transport Minister, John Anderson.

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  How the hell  
did he get 2 long sharp pointy sticks onboard the plane!?
  by: missdeasley     05/29/2003 04:51 PM     
I guess he put them in his hand luggage and brought them on. It's not like anybody would notice, 15 cm isn't exactly long. And I doub the metal detectors will have noticed anything!!
  by: antiisraeli     05/29/2003 04:58 PM     
  Hand luggage  
Is scanned, they would have been seen, it is more likely they were in his sleeves or something like that.
  by: Necralis   05/29/2003 07:20 PM     
  Judging by his weapons ....  
I say this is a Buffy fan who's gone a little loopy from the ending of the series ... lol
And I thinking it's f%*&ing scary that someone can STILL get onto a plane with any type of weapon. Start "patting down" passengers. Safety first!!
  by: missdeasley     05/29/2003 08:12 PM     
  re: missdeasley  
and get sued by every female pass. who feels their pat-down was a little too liberal...

its a sue happy world we live in, pat-downs would almost certainly result in a law suit.
  by: spiffmaster   05/30/2003 01:34 AM     
  "pat down" solutions?  
Have a male and a female security officer doing pat downs.

Have each passenger sign a permission slip to pat down, and refusing a pat down means 'you no fly, go away'

Put up a sign for everyone to read which says "The guy sitting next to you has a concealed weapon we could have detected had we been allowed to 'pat down'. Sorry for any inconvenience that the sharp stick in the side of your neck might causing you."

I like the third one, myself. lol

I always say "err on the side of caution", and I believe that phrase applies to detecting hijackers, in this instance, not to preventing silly lawsuits.

But you're right, spiff, there are a lot of lazy schmucks who just want to make an easy buck ...
  by: missdeasley     05/30/2003 02:06 AM     
  nicely written  
I did not have to rewrite any of this because every part of it was paraphrased. (hint hint to others-no more than 4-5 words!!!!)

This gets an excellent rating from me! Thanks Jendres. :)
  by: JFURY     05/30/2003 04:21 AM     
Do you even know how big 15cm is?
Seriously, no serious harm could be brought by two little bits of stick, i think chopsticks would have been more dangerous (and longer)! AAAAHH!! help!! that man's got CHOPSTICKS!!
  by: antiisraeli     05/30/2003 03:37 PM     
  A 15cm long sharp stick  
would be more than enough for me to kill you, or are all of your internal organs at least 15cms from the outside of your body? As long as they are sharp enough to go through the skin, and strong enough not to snap, they're very deadly weapons.
  by: Necralis   05/30/2003 04:30 PM     
yeah man exactly. You could easily kill people with those things. Depending on the strength of the wilder they could be jammed through ribs, into eyeballs, through the ears even through the skull!

Its doesn't matter if you start battering people with a baseball bat or a Barbie doll virtually anything can be a weapon in the wrong hands
  by: guilty_spark   05/30/2003 04:58 PM     
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  by: targa1430   05/30/2003 05:31 PM     
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CIA letter opener
  by: targa1430   05/30/2003 05:36 PM     
Do you have any idea how fragile the human body really is? Sheesh...if you don't think that could kill you, come here, give me one, and I can show you exactly how easy it would be.
  by: KnightHeart     05/30/2003 06:09 PM     
well in that case you could say anything could be a weapon! I think 2 passengers vs man with wodden bits, the passengers might get hurt a bit but the guy with the sticks would loose.

The point I was making was that you cannot legislate against inanimate objects on planes. "OMG! That man has a watch! He could strike my temples of head and kill me!" is an example, but there is a limit to how frightened you should be. There is no point being a paranoid nutcase scared of everybody your travelling with. Be warey, but don't go overboard!
  by: antiisraeli     05/31/2003 12:53 PM     
  How about....  
Anyone who is a practitioner of martial arts. No weapons.... Open palm and all that....
We can be killed by almost anything, beer bottles, cocktail sticks, plastic tumblers.... If you know what to do...
  by: bag     05/31/2003 01:44 PM     
exactly. So we can't go forcing people to be searched in fear that they may possibly be a threat. Unless they have a sturdy knife, a gun or a bomb then the passengers of the plane can overpower them anyway. There is a limit to how paranoid you should be.
  by: antiisraeli     05/31/2003 05:40 PM     
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