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                 02/22/2018 05:44 PM  
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05/29/2003 11:23 PM ID: 30577 Permalink   

Mike Tyson Wishes he had Raped Woman


In a recent interview with FOX television, Mike Tyson said that he wished he had raped Desiree Washington in 1991. Tyson was convicted of raping her and served three years in prison; however he still denies his guilt.

Tyson said, "I just hate her guts. She put me in that state, where I don't know. I really wish I did now. But now I really do want to rape her." Tyson's advisors have not returned any calls on the incident.

The interview was for FOX's news television show called The Pulse which airs at 9:00pm EST on Thursday nights. The interview was conducted in Miami Beach.

Tyson was sentenced to six years, but got out on parole in three.

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Ok, so he says he didn't rape her, but probably did. Now he wants to, so he's admitting he's a rapist, or has that tendency. I guess just beating the hell out of women isn't enough for him, huh?
  by: KnightHeart     05/29/2003 11:57 PM     
yeah, I guess he enjoys the taste of that foot in his mouth. Tyson seems to do these things, and I just can't understand why. Some say he's an idiot. Others say he's trying to get attention. Whatever the reason, he needs to be quiet.
  by: kolman36     05/30/2003 12:02 AM     
Tyson is crazy, Desiree Washington is a whore. So it's hard to tell who is lying, but i don't beleive either one really. However if he infact DID NOT do it, and was sentanced to jail for it I can relate to his anger, however i would not say it on Public TV :P
  by: jeiar   05/30/2003 12:41 AM     
  I doubt he did  
For the basic reason of why would he need to? If he really couldnt find anyone to sleep with, its hardky beyond his means to pay someone is it? I'm sure he gets more than enough violence in the boxing ring, so that can hardly be used.
  by: Necralis   05/30/2003 01:33 PM     
  In the eyes of the law he did....  
I found this a quirk of law at the time but Mike made it plain he was taking her up to his room to do the dirty. Once there and, as I understood it, after he started she said 'No'.... he carried on.... That made it rape in the eyes of the law but in my opinion it was obvious what he wanted and anybody who went there shouldn't have got a bean any more than someone that walks into a lions den should sue someone for that....

Now, I don't like the guy at all, I believe he is a very dangerous guy and does not deserve what he has got out of beating people up but at the same time I don't think he deserved prison for this....
  by: bag     05/30/2003 01:47 PM     
  I think  
He denied she said no? But it was quite a long time ago, so I'm not sure. I think its a bit more likely she lied to get some form of settlement. You see it all the time in the UK, a celebrity is accused of rape, and 5 other women come forward and say they were raped aswell. It is then proven that the celebrity was out of the country for the original case, or was in another part of the country using his credit card and on CCTV.

Tyson has earnt his money boxing, a very dangerous sport, you can hardly say he doesnt deserve it.

Just as a closing point, the reason conviction rates for rape are so low is because so many women try and have some one arrested, because it was there mistake.
If you dont want to have sex with a man, then perhaps you shouldnt go to his room? Or if you do make it clear before hand that you dont want to have sex with him. The invitation might be withdrawn, becuase he wants to find someone that will, or he'll give you a confused look, then realise what you mean and get insulted.
  by: Necralis   05/30/2003 01:57 PM     
  just to be the devils advocate...  
Just a thought (wondering how laws apply to this sort of thing and if possibly it's what he's thinking)

Suppose he can proove he didn't rape her sometime after the fact that he was convicted? Might a "double jeopardy" law possibly come into play? Or does such a thing not really exist or apply in this case?

Just a thought.
-Mike B.
  by: mikebettua   05/30/2003 02:41 PM     
  i really cant stand this clownie..  
but he is crazy, even certified. he does have bipolar disorder, and if hes not medicated, someone is going to have to contend with his insanity. i wish i could feel badly for him, but i cant. too much rage, im sure he'd kill in a ney york minute, nevermind just rape.
as far as mixed signals...just because a woman goes up to a hotel room with a man, she is then obligated to screw him? this is news to me..thank you for te 411.
  by: shewolf   05/30/2003 04:18 PM     
  Did his publicist know about this d'ythink  
I bet his publicist and managers are running around screaming after this enlightened outburst "Duh... I wish I had raped her"

Well actually you big moron, you did rape her. and saying you would again isn't the smartest thing you could have done.
  by: guilty_spark   05/30/2003 04:53 PM     
  I will reply to  
your posts, but at the moment I am unable to, my internet has crapped out on me, I'm unable to load a fresh version of this page, I'm stuck at the 11 comments one, I assume NTL are being arseholes again.

Hopefully I will be able to reply by sunday, maybe saturday.

  by: Necralis   05/30/2003 06:18 PM     
  I have to agree with shewolf  
Just because a girl goes up to a room with a guy does not mean she wants to have sex with him.
Tyson is Everything someone shouldn't be, he's a violent rapist who's tried to kill people on various occasions in the ring (quote "I was trying to punch him on the end of the nose so the bone would go into his brain").
  by: slamdaddy     05/31/2003 12:15 AM     
  I think  
Clearly a woman can go to a guy’s hotel room without there being an obligation or expectation of sex. However anyone with an ounce of common sense can see that Mike Tyson is mentally ill and violent perhaps a combination of genetics, environment and getting his head repeatedly hit in boxing matches. Whatever the reason any woman who decides to go to Mike Tyson’s hotel room late at night is making a foolish decision; he’s a scary and unstable individual. I don’t believe that Tyson raped her; I think she is a gold digger who saw her chance to make some money and get her 15 minutes of fame.
  by: ZCT     06/01/2003 05:48 PM     
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