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                 01/20/2018 09:51 PM  
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05/31/2003 12:18 PM ID: 30614 Permalink   

Researchers want volunteers for Drinking and Sex


Scientists at the Royal Society of Chemistry in London are researching the myth that mead is the way to a healthy sex life. Mead is made by fermenting a mixture of honey and water to make an alcoholic liquor.

In Biblical times, newly-weds drank mead nightly for one month after marriage and the result was a bouncing baby nine months later. Mead was believed to have magical properties including the ability to heal wounds and make the drinker immortal.

The researchers are looking for newly-wed volunteers to drink mead every evening for 30 days after they exchange their vows. Researchers are hoping to discover some of the science behind the myth.

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  Yippee! Finally....  
A research project with some benefits.... Oh Wait!.... I'm not getting married..... Oh well, what was it about? Err.... Oh another waste of money.... Social interaction was different then.... Not everyone wants a baby in the first year of marriage now plus you couldn't get divorced and get the financial benefits of being married without having to put up with him all the time....
Plus, I can go to my local and see that both parties getting drunk (Him to a limit) improves the sex life dramatically, women become more attractive and sexual magnets and blokes become slimmer and handsomer(?).... But, I don't think it leads to a better sex life if you stop.... Hey! This is just saying take the missus out and get pi$$ed every night and you will have a brilliant sex life.... I'm just not getting drunk enough that is my problem....
Ah Well!, cure for cancer next time maybe....
  by: bag     05/31/2003 12:27 PM     
  Interesting side note ...  
... that custom is where the term "honeymoon" comes from, as in drinking a honey-based liquor for one month (full moon to full moon) directly after the wedding.
  by: sbenglish     05/31/2003 04:42 PM     
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