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                 01/23/2018 04:40 PM  
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01/29/2001 08:57 AM ID: 3083 Permalink   

Limp Bizkit Pull Out of Big Day Out Because of Crowd Safety


American rockers Limp Bizkit have pulled out of the Australasian music festival series, Big Day Out after a number of fans were hurt in the moshpit during their performance in Sydney.

At least 30 people were pulled out of the moshpit and one girl is in a serious condition after suffering an apparent heart attack. The band interrupted their performance a number of times to plead with the crowd to calm down.

The band accused festival promoters of ignoring their concerns about crowd safety. We basically begged this guy to increase security measures and were told he has been doing the event for 10 years and that he knows what he's doing" said singer Durst.

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