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                 11/20/2017 12:34 PM  
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06/10/2003 04:05 AM ID: 30864 Permalink   

Man Terrorized Children by Phone


Philip N. Wald was arrested by police while he was on the telephone. He is accused of calling children and telling them that if they didn't undress and touch themselves, he would break in and rape and/or kill them. So far he did not act this.

He is accused of calling more than 50 kids in Westchester County, NY and escaped detection by using a pre-paid calling card to mask his true phone number. He may have victimized thousands of kids nationwide from his Brooklyn home.

He is now in Westchester County jail with no bail as he awaits trial on charges of first degree coercion. Prosecutors hope more kids will stand forward and recall similar incidents. He is said to have focused on pre-teen and teenaged girls.

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Actually, this is kind of funny. I mean, yeah it's mean and all, but you've gotta at least chuckle at this. I'm assuming, of course, that he would never act on what he says.
  by: kolman36     06/10/2003 07:16 PM     
Are you kidding me? This is funny to you? Do you know how scarring this can be to a teenage girl? How offensive this is? How damaging something like this can be? Your reaction is digusting.You are obviously a male, and obviously have no compassion. I'm a male as well, but how can even find this anything other than terrifying?
  by: sky982   08/01/2008 05:47 PM     
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