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                 02/20/2018 08:50 AM  
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01/29/2001 10:25 AM ID: 3090 Permalink   

Its Official - Al Gore Won Florida


Two new independent counts of the votes in Florida have shown that had recounts been allowed to continue, George Bush would not have won the state.

The Palm Beach Post counted all so called 'undervotes' which was where a ballot did not have a hole in it, but was clearly marked in some way. Gore gained 652 votes from these.

The Washington Post also found that 'overvotes' would have given Gore another 45,000 votes had they been included. However there can be no court proceedings now because of the Supreme Court ruling not allowing recounts.

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  too late  
what a shame
  by: Keith     01/29/2001 12:07 PM     
  What a blessing ,)  
Maybe in the next election, we can use psychic probes of the voters to figure out who they _really_ intended to vote for.

The whole thing of trying to guess intention where no vote was cast is ridiculous.
  by: SandraG     01/29/2001 12:19 PM     
Undervotes are ridiculous. the only clearly marked vote is a vote that was punch through. and there's not such thing as independent. People(bush and gore supporters) need to grasp the concept that votes are throw out in every state and in every election for whatever reason. its just not the last election. The issue of votes being thrown out isn't made an issue because we don't get people like jesse jackson calling racism and other crap about the votes.

I bet if we had up all the thrown out ballots in every state it would be possibly close to 1 million. Accept the fact that bush is the president. We haven't been able to see anything from bush since he's only been in office for 9 days. give him a chance. he turn out to be good. We just dont know.
  by: herkulease   01/29/2001 11:33 PM     
Thanks, I think that was a very thoughtful and well-written comment. Good point!

  by: SandraG     01/30/2001 08:57 AM     
  very well written indeed  
especially "racism and other crap" is
a very nice combination of words.
  by: Ludmila     02/02/2001 09:17 AM     
  well well  
theyve recounted the votes multiple times and never even been close to the same any time... if gore really gained that many votes via stupid people who dont know how to punch a ballet, what does that tell you about gore's supporters? hehe... anyway, im happy with how bush has done so far, and im glad gores not running out country right now, he may have done ok, who knows, but its over now so people need to get over it
  by: maverick7h     05/14/2001 02:26 AM     
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