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                 01/21/2018 07:32 AM  
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06/11/2003 07:37 PM ID: 30922 Permalink   

Jerry Springer Closer To Running For US Senate


Famous talk show host Jerry Springer is getting closer to running for the US Senate. He has announced that he will set up an exploratory campaign committee in Ohio.

Fifty-nine year old Springer is a registered Democrat and was once mayor of Cincinnati. Although an exploratory committee is not a candidacy declaration, it more then usually signifies an unofficial start to a campaign.

Springer is expected to announce whether he will run for the Senate or not in July.

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  Oh Yeah....  
That's all we need. Mr. Trash-TV being a part of government. I guess the only people stupid enough to vote for him would be trailer-trash, teens whose moms have slept with their boyfriends, ugly women with new makeovers, and straight men who found out their wife had once been a man. Gah....
  by: KnightHeart     06/12/2003 02:45 PM     
  What about the 25million Viewers?  
What about the 25million people who watch his show? Wouldnt a good number of those vote for him?..

Anyways, he wouldnt make a good politician anyways..just look at the state of his talk show...pathetic.
Although it does provide some entertainment to see a bunch of tralier-park hillbilly americans embaress them selfs on TV.
  by: Whipd+Kreem     06/15/2003 05:37 PM     
  Nothing matters  
If he has the connections and the money, he can be ellected. Just like bush.
  by: infoflux2000   06/16/2003 06:59 PM     
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