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                 01/23/2018 11:08 PM  
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06/14/2003 01:02 AM ID: 31003 Permalink   

Minister Not Happy With "Lick The Penis" Game


The Norwegian Department of Culture is not happy with Norwegian Broadcasting's youth web site: NRK Upunkt. The Minister of Culture has demanded an explanation of a game on the site called Karate's Licking Game involving penises, vaseline and "tits".

"In the Licking Game the idea is to lick as many ***** as you can. You cough vaseline to get springier and you have to watch out for the thick nasty penises, land mines and nasty tits. Good Luck!" say instructions for the game.

"This isn't on. We assume that NRK will remove this. They are hosting material that is clearly speculative and in the gray zone bordering pornography," said a spokesman, but NRK maintain the games are innocent fun and are not pornographic.

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  I know you want the url right?  
  by: juleslady     06/14/2003 01:04 AM     
  you read my mind n/t  
  by: Doobie   06/14/2003 02:23 AM     
  Funny only for a second  
then it got old.
  by: jazzhound008   06/14/2003 03:09 AM     
Those are really rocketship cookies :P And the people on the the third level are just mean! (didnt get to 4th) Lol its harmless. Well harmless to me an 18 year old .. Hmm i agree boring fast. if you like those typs of games:P However these dun have viginas, penises, balls or clitouses.. and so on. mm
  by: infoflux2000   06/18/2003 06:57 AM     
  oh sorry  
fixed link!

Also i cant read that language so it makes it even more harmless :P
  by: infoflux2000   06/19/2003 04:47 AM     
  This game is  
kinda cool. Change the 'naughty bits' into dots, or something and it reminds me of old school video games. I got to 7th level, but that damned floating mine always kills me. Grr...
  by: jodayo   07/21/2003 06:53 PM     
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