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                 02/24/2018 12:57 PM  
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06/23/2003 09:31 PM ID: 31220 Permalink   

Texas Woman Hits Man With Car, Leaves Him to Die in Her Garage


Nurse's aide Chante Jawan Mallard, 27, of Fort Worth, Texas, is finally on trial for first-degree murder. Mallard's car hit Gregory Biggs, 37, so hard that his upper body lodged into her windshield and his legs were thrown up over the roof of the car.

She drove a mile down the highway, then through town to her house, where she parked the car in the garage, closed the garage door, and let the man bleed to death. The County Medical Examiner says Biggs could have lived if he'd had medical attention.

The police report says, "Chante kept going in and out of the garage telling the man she was sorry. She does not know how long it took the man to die she quit going out into the garage." Mallard's speaking of the incident at a party lead to her arrest

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  Is This?  
Is this the same case that happened awhile ago? She's just being charged now? Didn't this happen months and months ago? I remember reading these same details. Heck, I may have done the summary, but I can't be sure. I hope her sentence is life at the minimum, though, for doing what she did.
  by: KnightHeart     06/23/2003 10:26 PM     
  Yeah, Here....

Newsguy reported it. In that version, she giggled about the whole thing. I still say string 'er up. Life is the absolute minimum this deserves, but if she thought this was funny, or even amusing, she doesn't deserve to live.
  by: KnightHeart     06/23/2003 10:31 PM     
  They left out the giggles..  
in this version. Hope someone brings it up at trial as she was bragging about it to her friends at a party. Hey, isn't killing a whitey being racist? Oh yeah, she's black so it's OK for her.
  by: Arthur Phrain   06/23/2003 11:24 PM     
  other Admin say it's ok  
Well, I asked other Admin to check it, and was told it had more than 2 updated bits of info, so it was not considered a duplicate news story.
Also, since it's about her trial beginning, it's not "news out of date".
So, I had blocked it, but as you can see, it's not anymore ...
  by: missdeasley     06/24/2003 02:29 AM     
  No regard for life...  
whats wrong with this woman? She could have drove to the damn hospital, and made it with no prison time at all, maybe a fine and higher ins. Stupid stupid stupid!
  by: FredFredrickson   06/24/2003 10:20 AM     
If you're talking to me, I didn't say it was out of date. I wanted to know if this was a continuation of the same story. That's what the link was for, to show the previous info about the case. I never said it should be blocked.
  by: KnightHeart     06/24/2003 03:23 PM     
I IM'd missD but then I didnt see the part about it going to trial.

"over here the lady with the grape" - name that movie....
  by: JulesLady     06/24/2003 06:26 PM     
  Thanks Juleslady -- and the "news out of date" ...  
... explanation was for the person who rated it very bad "news out of date."
  by: missdeasley     06/24/2003 06:37 PM     
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