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                 02/23/2018 11:03 PM  
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07/10/2003 08:25 PM ID: 31545 Permalink   

Pick the Virgin, Watch the Night She Loses Her Virginity


Shojo Atetara, Soshitsu Night! (translated as 'Pick the Virgin, Watch the Night She Loses Her Virginity') is just one of many programs airing on Paradise TV a Japanese TV channel. Needless to say this channel is very popular with single men.

The channel also gets a lot of viewing from men who sneak out to watch it when their wives fall asleep the site says. Some of the programming is so raunchy the site is unable to even reveal it, and this is not a tame site

Other shows include 'Sex and Something Else' in which a naked housewife does her household chores while an aroused man follows behind and fondles her from the rear, and 'Sex Technique Grandpa' in which a 65 year old man goes to various brothels.

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a 65 year old???
  by: Nollog   07/11/2003 02:50 AM     
  That settles it  
I'm moving to Japan!
  by: thochaos   07/11/2003 03:26 AM     
'Sex Technique Grandpa'
  by: infoflux2000   07/11/2003 03:54 AM     
  only the japanese  
could think of stuff like this..
  by: QuestionMark   07/11/2003 08:56 AM     
  Cultural hint  
It is a country where you can purchase chocolate dicks as gifts for young couples (symbol of fertility), sexually liberated since long past.

It is common knowledge that people need sex there, so there is no need to hide under a large trenchcoat and a hat when you go to a brothel or a peep show.

Couples are usually discreet in public, but in private they are very open and tolerant, making their sex life probably richer than most of us.

There certainly are some downsides in Japan, but I believe their liberated sex culture could help the West taking the broom out its butt.


  by: Amalthea   07/11/2003 10:26 AM     
  Notice how many hits this got?  
Plus lots of assesments.... Sex really is popular.... :)
  by: bag     07/11/2003 11:12 AM     
in a world with a thousand million etc I guess it had to be
  by: Meltman   07/12/2003 01:47 AM     
  Japanese, man ol' man!  
They are the least bashful of the lot when it comes to reinventing sex. They have vending machines that sell used women's panties, among other things. Bukkake for those aware was likely a word (and technique) invented by these same people.

  by: jazzhound008   07/18/2003 01:10 AM     
  used panties?  
from vending machines?

that int right...
cant be!
  by: Nollog   07/18/2003 01:34 AM     
  The Japanse  
moral fabric has eroded into dryer lint.

  by: jodayo   07/21/2003 07:17 PM     
i was looking through these old stories... i dont remember writing half of them ;p
  by: juleslady     04/17/2005 07:44 PM     
  American TV Sucks...  
And we get "The Simple Life"
  by: TheReporter     04/17/2005 07:55 PM     
  Why the f is this news...? pr0n us notin new nt  
Why the f is this news...? pr0n us notin new nt
  by: larditardio   04/17/2005 08:46 PM     
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