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                 01/23/2018 11:05 PM  
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07/11/2003 09:59 PM ID: 31565 Permalink   

Hidden camera used in guest house


Thomas Copping, the owner of a B&B in Wales, used a hidden camera to spy on his guests.

The camera was positioned in bathrooms to record the guests while they were using the sink, bath and toilet. The films were then copied on to CDs or DVDs using his computer. He was detected when one of his guests spotted the camera and traced it.

In court, Copping admitted taking and making indecent pictures of children and received three years community rehabilitation order and five years on a sex offenders programme. In addition he paid £160 costs and his equipment was seized.

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Mr. Copping got off lightly...
maybe 10 years in prison would be better?
  by: Nollog   07/12/2003 03:33 AM     
  one of the reason i dont go to public toilets  
they are bloody prevert spy box's
all of them have camerra's in the ceiling and BS.
  by: StonedWookie   07/12/2003 04:48 AM     
I would say 10 years in a prison cell with 24 hour camera surveillance would fit the crime! Plus make it a web cam.
  by: JFURY     07/12/2003 04:53 AM     
that would definitely fit the crime, but he'd prolly enjoy being watched by everyone, considering his previous "hobbies"... heh heh
  by: FredFredrickson   07/12/2003 08:32 AM     
  I agree -NT-  
  by: Nollog   07/18/2003 03:55 AM     
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