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                 02/21/2018 01:48 PM  
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07/14/2003 02:29 AM ID: 31592 Permalink   

Man Cut Off His Own Penis And Ate It


A 34 year old Malaysian man says he only realised that he had cut off his own penis, fried it, and then eaten it after he saw blood oozing from his crotch, say police in Bitiawan, Malaysia.

The man, currently hospitalised but in a stable condition, says that he had taken hallucinatory pills which made him hear voices. The voices told him to mutilate himself.

The national news agency reported that the man had only recently been released from a drug rehabilitation center.

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  My response...  
  by: Nollog   07/14/2003 02:44 AM     
"hallucinatory pills which made him hear voices"

More people who should never take drugs! what a fool.. Told him to mutilate himself? He didnt know he cut himself? Wtf kind of hullcenogens dont let you feel pain? O_O
Scary.. Maybe it was pcp? I dunno but freaky..

AND EWWW he ate his penis..
  by: infoflux2000   07/14/2003 02:50 AM     
yeh they are some pretty bad drugs out there.
he must of been fully tripping.
  by: StonedWookie   07/14/2003 03:01 AM     
yeah he needed a guide..
  by: infoflux2000   07/14/2003 04:28 AM     
  I guess thats the last time...  
...he gets any "oral"! heh heh heh heh.
Sorry everyone, had to say SOMETHING!
  by: FredFredrickson   07/14/2003 06:30 AM     
  Relish with that?  
It didn't say, wonder if he had it as a chili dog, or perhaps with sauerkraut . . . lol
  by: case     07/14/2003 07:26 AM     
  It said  
that the voices told him to mutilate himself. Maybe they should have quoted the voices correctly. The voices really said "EAT ME!!!" Just having fun at someone elses expense.
  by: tomblik     07/14/2003 08:18 PM     
  Cock AND BALLS?  
What??? did he just leave the balls there? now think chew on that one... eeewwwww... imagine chewing on your own dick... yuck
  by: tommytom   07/15/2003 02:32 AM     
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