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                 02/24/2018 09:05 PM  
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07/28/2003 01:19 PM ID: 31832 Permalink   

Hyperactive Disorders and Mild Autism Over-Diagnosed


Professor Priscilla Alderson, from the London's Institute of Education, is an expert in childhood studies. She says that some children who have been diagnosed as having a behavioural disorder, may just need to "let off steam".

She thinks that hyperactive disorders and mild autism are being diagnosed too often. After meeting with 27 autistic pupils, she said: "Of those, only two that I met displayed the lack of contact and absence of empathy which denotes true autism."

Professor Alderson goes on to say: "Children need the space and freedom to play, run and climb - without that, they are restless and come to be seen as abnormally 'hyperactive'."

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source is full of details that are impossible to summerise here, well worth a read, especially for parents.
  by: Boolie     07/28/2003 01:21 PM     
  I was  
just whinging about this the other day. There was something on telly here about kids who had been diagnosed with full on ADD or ADHD when all they really needed was regular exercise to release some energy.

Kids with ADD are often put on something my cousin calls "Kiddy speed", basically they're half sedated so they can concentrate better on their school work and not disturb the class etc.

In recent years, more and more kids are sitting at the telly/pc/console rather than playing with their mates. I think it's unfair to be doped up when you don't need to be, specially when you're still developing a brain, and it's unfair on the kids who really do have ADD because they may not be getting the right treatment.

Drives me nuts, turn your telly off! (Easy for me to say, I don't have kids)

/end rant
  by: Lois_Lane     07/28/2003 01:40 PM     
you put your kids on "kiddy speed" as Lois put it, try adjusting your child's diet. Reduce the sugars and other simple carbohydrates. Aim for low GI foods. There has been some research linking white bread as well, something about the preservative used. Also stop feeding them coke and pepsi!!

Then give them a chance to run around. This isn't hyperactivity it is normal child behaviour!
  by: jendres     07/28/2003 01:59 PM     
  Its sad but true  
What, a child wants to run around becuase hes on a 24/7 sugar rush, never, he must be ill, dope him up.
Truth be known ADD doesnt exist, or exists in very few people.
Its kind of like depression, most people arent depressed, they're just wimps that cant handle life.
  by: Necralis   07/28/2003 02:56 PM     
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