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                 04/24/2014 06:34 PM  
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01/31/2001 04:12 PM ID: 3185 Permalink   

Do Moon, Venus and Jupiter determine fertility?


A graduate student of astrology at the university of Southhampton wants to prove in her PhD thesis that childless couples can be helped if only their horoscope is properly plotted.

The idea arose when Pat Harris, the astronomer, heard of a women who finally became pregnant when moon, Jupiter and Venus were aligned in a positive constellation.

People interested in taking part in the study can e-mail Pat Harris at

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  oh miss i  
this is cool. thanks for making me
laugh at this time of the day!!!
hugs - and have a very nice day and
a very nice weekend!!!!
  by: Ludmila     02/02/2001 10:03 AM     
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