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                 02/24/2018 12:56 PM  
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07/30/2003 12:25 PM ID: 31871 Permalink   

Dog Held For Ransom


A man in Denmark has kidnapped a 13-year-old Beagle and is holding him for a US$10,000 ransom. Skipper is so out of shape that his owners were taking him for walks in a child's stroller.

The dog was nabbed last Wednesday and police have advised the couple who own Skipper not to answer the phone and not to raise the ransom money. No deadline was given, but the blackmailer has said that he will kill Skipper and tape the murder.

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get rid of the old dog get another one.. heck go to any pound around the world (except korea) they are full of dogs and cats.. Do you know how many 10K can take care of?
  by: damndave   07/30/2003 03:15 PM     
wow. i can't belive you actually said that. though our right about picking up from the pound and saving more... when your attached to an animal for 13 years, they become part of you. i have a 2 year old chow/lab that if something happened i would go nuts. shes like a child to me.
  by: robplatt   07/30/2003 06:18 PM     
  I agree with Rob  
After 13 years that pet is a family member. Instead of looking for kidnapped childeren, why don't you just suggest the parents adopt a child?
  by: TheClone1001   07/30/2003 07:46 PM     
  Not agreeing with dave or anything but...  
When you have a dog that is 13 years old and has to be walked in a pushchair, even if they do get it back, it will probably die from excitement when it sees it's owner again.
  by: Sand-Rabbit   07/30/2003 09:41 PM     
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