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                 01/20/2018 12:09 PM  
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07/30/2003 01:21 PM ID: 31875 Permalink   

Call To Ban "Bruce Almighty"


A minister within the Malaysian Prime Ministers office has called for a total ban on Jim Carrey's hit film, "Bruce Almighty." Carrey's character is given the powers of God in the film.

Abdul Hamid Zainal said the film is "not appropriate to show the film in this country," and that "We cannot equate ourselves with God -- even as a joke."

He has suggested the film be given to the Islamic Affairs Department so that they can review it and decide on the ban. Just over 50% of Malaysia's population is Muslim.

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i wonder if neon genesis evangelion is banned there as well..
  by: fordy929   07/30/2003 05:16 PM     
But I'm not surprised by this. You can't expect a non-Christain country to accept a semi-Christain film.
  by: kolman36     07/30/2003 05:51 PM     
  This is full of it  
This is full of *hit, why try to push their beliefs on all people, if they dont want to see it then its their choice as it is my choice to watch what ever i want, bruce almighty rules.
  by: nitrousb   07/30/2003 07:25 PM     
  can we just ban Jim Carrey?  
works for me :P
  by: Juleslady     07/30/2003 08:36 PM     
  can't we just  
ban americans as they are allways trying to tell every one else what to do?
  by: gr0wlley   07/31/2003 02:22 AM     
Christians are the ones who should be looking down upon the movie.. It's a little thing called Blasphomy.
  by: spliff   12/29/2003 04:33 PM     
I just love it. The same thing happened with the Matrix in Egypt. Can't play it there either. Can't hold a conversation with God. Well, the Architect wasn't God. Pea Brains. Don't you people ever reflect on anything? Do you understand why God gave Bruce all the Power? It wasn't so he could BE God. Even Christians understand this!

Apparently, the whole world is meant to re-live all the mistakes of the past for ever. And don't ever question anything. The only things that are true were written in on some scraps of paper a thousand years ago by some illiterate old men.

Someone give me a rocket so I can escape this chicken coop.
  by: crooks   12/29/2003 04:53 PM     
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