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                 02/21/2018 01:50 PM  
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08/04/2003 11:40 AM ID: 31938 Permalink   

Gay Bishop Elected In US


The American Anglican Church has voted to allow the appointment of a gay bishop. Reverend Canon Gene Robinson (New Hampshire) is openly gay and was elected bishop by a vast majority of the House of Deputies.

Another vote will be run today in the House of Bishops, but it looks very likely that Robinson will be favoured there, also. Mr Robinson said of the vote yesterday that he hoped it would promote growth in the church, rather than cause a row.

However, his wishes seem to have gone unnoticed, with a party of bishops threatening to walk out, should the final vote go in favour of Robinson today. "We will not accept a change in doctrine." Said South Carolina Bishop, Edward Salmon.

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  and they shouldn't  
Church doctrine should not change with the whims of society. If gays want a "gay religion" they should just start their own ala Martin Luther instead of changing the currently-existing Church.
  by: joey_t     08/04/2003 10:36 PM     
But is it truly changing due to the whim's of society, or changing due to the behavior of the pediophilic priests?
  by: zodiac711     08/04/2003 11:28 PM     
  that's just stupid, zodiak  
pedophelia and homosexuality are not the same thing.
  by: joey_t     08/04/2003 11:32 PM     
i agree with joey, they already have gay schools, gay clubs, and other things, why not a fag religon to go along with it? that is what i hate about some of the catholic sects, they change "sins" on a whim.
  by: boyblue737   08/05/2003 12:06 AM     
  They already have gay bishops.  
They already have gay bishops, it just wasn't known at the time of the election. They haven't been kicked out of the position, so why should this Robinson not be allowed to become bishop?
And the only reason the media jumped on this is because at 5 minutes to 12, "evidence" was released that he posted gay porn links on a website he had helped start, but hadn't looked at in 10 years. So he couldn't have known about the link. Also, someone said that he had been sexually abused by the reverend. That man Robinson 'sexually abused' was older than 18. Anyway, he hasn't been elected yet, the voting has been postponed by the bishops until the case has been researched.
  by: Holy One   08/05/2003 12:46 AM     
So then are you saying that they should vote in pedophilic bishops?

Oh wait, they already do that. Nevermind.

PS - How dare I make that comparison... You know those homosexuals... They are THE ultimate sinners... Should rot in hell as compared to those pedophiles!

BTW - Incase you couldn't tell, that was EXTREME sarcasm above!
  by: zodiac711     08/05/2003 01:55 AM     
  giant leap for mankind  
i think it's good, he is changing it but at the same time making a new one, i heard the churches will be splitting in half now, one tolerating gays the other treating them as equals. it's good because he wouldnt have to start the religion from nothing.

this was the next step to treating gays as equals in every way, the only thing stopping it is those other churches. i still think the sooner all religions are gone the better for the survival of mankind, and that the church today is crusading against homosexuals and drugs instead of issues beyond personal choice and totally natural things. i would prefer them to focus on issues like freedom, pollution, extinction, and just giving this planet some respect, after all it is our home.

i still see religions as cults, offering people hope in exchange for money. it will all cause a holy war one day it is all just building up.

they've always had an enemy, jews, witches, blacks, gays, muslims. and they expect us to forget all that? how they capture someone, tie them to a tree and burn them? the relion itself might not be so bad but the followers did do some terrible things, and without religion there are no supporters.
  by: stale1   08/06/2003 06:58 PM     
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