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                 09/02/2014 08:48 PM  
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08/21/2003 10:34 PM ID: 32271 Permalink   

Earache patient Given a Vasectomy


A man in Brazil went to the doctors with an ear infection. The infection was affecting his hearing, and when a nurse called the name "Aldemar" he went to the consulting room, but his name is "Valdemar". Valdemar, 39, was given a vasectomy.

"The strangest thing is that he asked no questions when the doctor started preparations in the area which had so little to do with his ear," the manageress of the clinic said.

A week after the event, Valdemar returned for treatment to his ear, and didn't ask for a reversal of the op. "A local newspaper said he is going to sue us, but he did not tell us about any claims," the manageress added.

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