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                 02/22/2018 05:49 PM  
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09/22/2003 11:07 PM ID: 33036 Permalink   

Israel Not Allowed to Invest in Iraq


US-appointed members of the Iraqi transitional Governing Council state that Israel will not be allowed to invest in Iraq. The Council is trying to attract mostly Arab investors to invest money in Iraq.

Investing in oil and natural resources is also off limits to foreign investors. However, other areas are 100% to foreign investment. Ali Allawi, the interim Trade Minister, says "There are is one trillion dollars in Arab funds seeking investment.."

The donors conference will be in Madrid from October 23-24. Iraqis on the Council hope they will get enough money to help reconstruct Iraq. Investments may also help Iraq with its foreign debt of 133.5 billion dollars US.

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I wonder how the US will run its puppet if it gives it more autonomy? I have a feeling they won't be so friendly to their so-called liberators once they regain power.
I'm willing to bet that there will be a US military presence there as long as I live. And this is remeniscient of the days of the late 1800s to early 1900s when US troops were dispatched to Caribbean islands when certain industries were affected (example: sugar). Its great that we have foreign policy that resembles the good old days. The sinking of the ship The Maine is almost like the WMD claim. ;)
  by: JFURY     09/23/2003 01:00 AM     
Congrats your the Anti-American Jackass of the day.
  by: sweetdeath   09/23/2003 02:22 AM     
Hes put me out of a job then - better tear up my hi-tech visa and go home
  by: gr0wlley   09/23/2003 03:24 AM     
I'm anti-American? It is you folks who supported this war that has put our country in danger and is contributing to our already huge deficit. The world is not any safer than it was before the invasion.
That to me is anti-American even though you guys constantly wave the flag and say we are a safer place.
  by: JFURY     09/23/2003 04:42 PM     
[deleted by cc]
  by: just_some_genius   09/24/2003 01:25 AM     
  @ JFURY  
Have to argue with you on this one ;) how can a world without a nutter like Saddam Hussain in power not be a better place? And most Iraqis are happy to see the back of him whatever they think of the Americans. Much of the disquiet now is caused mainly by our failure to restore essential services like power. This is being exploited by the minority still loyal to Saddam.

@ sweetdeath
Disagreeing with American policy doesn't make you anti-American. Its called democracy. Supporting your country isn't about following blindly like sheep.

@ just_some_genius
Please keep your racist BS to yourself...
  by: littlegaz   09/24/2003 02:07 PM     
I feel that the job being done now is so haphazard in addition to all the deaths of Iraqi civilians that we are doing more to create new enemies just to get rid of Saddam.
The whole preemptive war thing destroyed our foreign policy and no one wants to help rebuild. Now our government is letting its own country's infrastructure fall apart while it rebuilds Iraq.
I'm happy Saddam is no longer in power but this isn't the way I would have gone about it. I feel the way it was done created more problems than my deficit-ridden recession-economy laden country needed. I feel no safer from terrorism either.
  by: JFURY     09/24/2003 06:25 PM     
You disagree when I say that muslim/arab countries are the most racist countries in the world? Like I give two-shits what you think gaz.
  by: just_some_genius   09/25/2003 12:38 AM     
  Forgive me...  
if I return the favour
  by: littlegaz   09/25/2003 02:26 PM     
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