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                 02/23/2018 11:31 AM  
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02/06/2001 09:38 AM ID: 3338 Permalink   

Deutsche Telekom's Internet Pricing Investigated


German telecom regulator RegTP has said that it is investigating Deutsche Telekom's pricing of its high-speed Internet services. Breko, an association of telecoms, has raised concerns about DT's ADSL prices. The inquiry should be finished by April 2.

Relations between DT and RegTP have been difficult since RegTP ruled that Deutsche Telekom would have to give rival Internet providers flat-rate access to its networks.

Deutsche Telekom protested, saying that such a move would cause them "considerable financial risks." Although they have since accepted the ruling, RegTP's newest investigation indicates they are not yet satisfied with DT's behavior.

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I just saw you vote fot your own news, I wonder if this is allowed?
  by: trekkiemr   10/07/2001 11:41 AM     
can you point out which article it was please? only you have "voted for" (correct term would be "assessed") this one, and it's actually quite difficult to assess your own news under the same user name that you wrote it in. So, please feel free to offer proof if you're going to accuse someone (which is clearly what you were doing here), otherwise, please keep your comments to yourself.

  by: Lois_Lane     10/07/2001 08:01 PM     
  I have  
never assessed my own news. What you might have seen was something like "SandraG gets 20 points for 'very good' assessment of 'Deutsche Telekom's Internet Pricing Investigated'" which means that I got 20 points because someone else rated my news very good. The points given in the right hand side of the home page never show who actually gave the rating, only the author of the article which was rated.
  by: SandraG     10/09/2001 09:03 AM     
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