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                 01/18/2018 08:29 PM  
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10/17/2003 03:57 PM ID: 33474 Permalink   

South Africa Has The Highest Rape Rate


The Guinness Book of Records and Interpol both say that South Africa holds the record for the highest rape rate. The news comes on the last day of the Child Accident Prevention Foundation of Southern Africa's 25th anniversary conference.

Carol Bower told the conference: "There are about 50,000 reported cases every year in South Africa, 50% of which are against children. The police's child protection unit estimates that only one in 15 child rapes are reported..."

It is estimated that 500,000 rapes take place in South Africa every year, although this figur is said to be a minimum, with too many cases going unreported.

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  Guess their government  
isn't giving them enough oppertunies.
  by: t_strimp   10/17/2003 04:09 PM     
  Its obvious...  
The rape rate is white mans fault. Isn't it obvious? The poverty too.
  by: NSAvenger     10/17/2003 10:48 PM     
rapes happen in every country, i don't think it's "the white mans fault".
i think it's the fault of dirty rapists....
  by: robschofield66   10/17/2003 10:55 PM     
  Was SA not until recently...  
... the worlds murder capital too? I think they 'lost' it to a South American nation.

Geez... what kind of mentality drives the a percentage of a nation's men of to carry out 500k (estimate) rapes? :(

  by: Koultunami     10/18/2003 02:35 AM     
  you're all wrong  
i can tell you why SA has such a high rape rate. around 1/4 or 1/3 of their entire population carries HIV now, which is not an exaggeration. it is also widely believed there that having sex with a virgin cures you of HIV. i have no idea how the hell that belief came to be, but it clearly explains their high infection rate. it also explains why so many of the rape victims are children - one would assume the younger a person is, the more likely they are to be a virgin.

this is not "white man's" fault, unless its a white-man conspiracy to trick all the intelligent black people into thinking they can cure themselves of AIDS by actually doing something that spreads it, in an effort to commit genocide. of all the people with HIV there, i'm not sure what the infected black to white ratio is compared to their population, but regardless, doesn't that sound rediculous?

its not their government's fault either. something on a scale as mass as this cannot be controlled. its sad... but maybe they really will "screw" themselves into extinction.
  by: maverick7h     10/18/2003 06:06 AM     
  i thought  
the person who initially said it was white mans fault was being sarcastic
  by: tn106   10/20/2003 05:14 AM     
It could be controlled(or at least toned down a lot) pretty easily with education & a healthcare system - so yea, it is the government's fault.

I think the whole 'screw a virgin and be saved' thing is just so common because they've never heard otherwise. Consider if you were taught that this method cures AIDS from the time you were very young and didn't have a formal education. You would likely believe it too.
  by: Red_Aphex   10/20/2003 11:22 AM     
  Evolution in Action!  
Soon much of the "Dark Continent" will rid of the present inhabitants.
  by: Arthur Phrain   10/20/2003 04:46 PM     
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