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10/23/2003 05:12 PM ID: 33603 Permalink   

Ads That Can Manipulate Your Mind


Harvard Business School Psychology Professor Jerry Zaltman and other US marketing researchers are proponents of an advertizing technique called memory morphing. The technique focuses on making people think they had positive experiences with products.

Some find this technique scary because it can lead to false memories. One experiment showed participants an ad where children meet Bugs Bunny at Disney Land. Many of these participants suddenly remembered this happening when they were children.

Despite the controversy of this technique, Tom Long, the UK Coca Cola President, embraced memory morphing. Several major corporations have already worked with Dr. Zaltman. Skeptics, however, doubt bad experiences can be turned into good ones via ads.

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  Of course  
It's called corperate propaganda, not that much different than what our countries feed us.
  by: banshee9898     10/24/2003 04:35 AM     
  I think  
subliminal messaging in advertisements is illegal in the US. Is it not so in the UK?
  by: Red_Aphex   10/24/2003 10:02 AM     
I can see this used in political ads: "Wow, I just remembered that I haven't been screwed over by the current senator his entire term, but found him to be a great guy." Yeesh...
  by: KnightHeart     10/24/2003 06:40 PM     
You all remember when you met me and I bought you a drink, right? You told me you would buy me one if we met again. That was so much fun. Remember when the bartender broke the glasses? And wow that place was smokey! And the floors were stickier than the ones in movie theaters. So can I have a drink?
  by: JFURY     10/24/2003 10:40 PM     
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