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                 01/21/2018 07:27 AM  
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02/06/2001 05:44 PM ID: 3362 Permalink   

Aquarium Workers Cooked and Ate Endangered Turtle


Workers in Miami`s Seaquarium cooked and ate a turtle that had died there even though it was a protected species. However because it died naturally no charges could be laid.

The leatherback turtle is one of the most endangered turtles but a veterinarian allowed another worker to take it home and make stew out of it.

One critic of the center said "This is the absolute height of stupidity. We're changing the name to the Miami Seaquarium and Barbeque."

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  how can they eat something  
thats been dead already? its certainly been old and sick and gross.
  by: Ludmila     02/06/2001 06:03 PM     
  this reminds me..  
of a story someone told me once. his brother asked him, if he had eaten some dead animal, because he smelled out of his mouth. he answered: 'no, i eat my meals alive!'
well, those people, that ate the turtle, there is a saying: when the times are hard, the devil eats flies. maybe that explains their weird hunger!
  by: BKZland   02/06/2001 08:25 PM     
  Or maybe  
it was known to be a good tasting kind of turtle - and since it is endangered you can't just go and kill one for dinner - so these guys took what opportunity they had .
  by: newsmaker     02/07/2001 09:41 AM     
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