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                 02/23/2018 01:39 AM  
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11/10/2003 09:11 PM ID: 33976 Permalink   

Criminals Using "The Matrix Defense"


Young sniper suspect Lee Malvo is just one of the latest suspects using what some call "the Matrix defense." In the movie the Matrix, a computer creates what appears to be the real world. By using this defense, suspects can say they weren't sane.

Malvo's defense team plans to use the Matrix as part of their defense and state that his surrogate father John Muhammed brainwashed him. They say Malvo has scribbled notes in his cell which were in the Matrix.

Josh Cooke's lawyers used the Matrix defense when he dressed like Neo and killed his parents. In 2000, Swiss exchange student Vadim Mieseges said he had to kill his landlady so he wouldn't be "sucked into the Matrix."

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  I wish  
Man, if only it were that easy, and hell, he might get away with it too. At least he could have come up with a better reason, like haveing to kill smith or something, lol
  by: drexal   11/10/2003 09:22 PM     
utter crap, if the jury believe that they'll believe anything...
  by: Boolie     11/10/2003 09:26 PM     
well i guess from now on the psychiatrists should pull a new illness out:
matixed personality...or matrixofrenia...
so the insanity plea becomes a total thing of the past :P

hey bin laden - you can come out now!
we know you think you are neo =D

sadly tho that it would only work for murderers...
i mean it would be mighty hard to convince the jury
that you stole those diamonds
because you believed you are the Merovingian and those were The Oracles eyes...
  by: the at     11/11/2003 02:02 AM     
  Its a messed up world  
How about this for law: if you did kill anymore that 3 people and it can be proven we kill them, no matter their involvment. If they knew people were going to die, we kill them, no medical resons for exempion, we just kill them. This could make the world a better place.
  by: blarge1234567890   11/11/2003 02:33 AM     
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