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                 12/02/2015 06:07 AM  
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11/15/2003 09:21 PM ID: 34137 Permalink   

Industry Says its Okay to Drink and Drive


France's wine industry has noticed a 15% drop in wine sales in restaurants and is worried. This drop happened after France made it illegal to drive with .05% BAC and stepped up enforcement with police checks. The wine industry wants customers back.

According to Pascal Rousseaux, who belongs to the wine group Afivin, people can have "two or three glasses" and still drive safely afterwards. Afivin is going to spend $350,000 (US) on breath tests people can use at restaurants before they drive.

The French government says it has seen a 20 percent reduction in road deaths since it cracked down on driving while intoxicated. The government says: "In case of doubt the easiest way to be sure you don't break the limit is to refrain from drinking."

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"Would you like a complimentary breath test before you go, madam?"
  by: AgentX   11/15/2003 11:07 PM     
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