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                 01/20/2018 12:06 PM  
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11/17/2003 03:24 PM ID: 34189 Permalink   

J Lo, Sony And Paramount Sued For Plagiary


A construction worker by day and dancer by night - Maureen Marder's life was used for the Paramount's movie Flashdance and J Lo's "I'm Glad" video. Now Marder is suing them all for plagiary of her life story.

The suit filed in LA against J Lo and Sony Music Entertainment for the video, and Paramount Pictures Corp. for Flashdance, claims they are "guilty of copyright infringement, violation of Marder's right of publicity and false designation of origin."

The disabled with a spinal injury mother of a teenage daughter seeks a judgment that would name her a co-author and co-owner of the movie and screenplay copyrights and entitle her a piece of Paramount's profits of the movie.

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Unless she has this written down as a story somewhere, or actually used her name in the video, and/or movie, I dont see her even having a chance.
  by: digi_dark   11/18/2003 06:31 AM     
  Too little to late?  
Wasn't Flashdance an 80's movie? If so, isn't 20 years out a little bit LATE to be filiing suit?
  by: zodiac711     11/18/2003 04:28 PM     
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