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                 04/19/2014 01:15 AM  
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Girl Sends Terrorism-Themed Message to American Airlines Via Twitter
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11/26/2003 02:14 PM ID: 34367 Permalink   

Beware: Trojan Nude XXX Pics


The Sysbug-A Trojan is hidden in a mail attachment of naked pictures - Windows users are advised to update their AV software in order to be protected against this latest malicious trojan that gives the hackers access to the infected computer.

The trojan posing as misdirected mail is being distributed via spamming software and will get to many today.

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Don't open questionable emails =p
  by: VgManiac   11/27/2003 02:19 AM     
What if I click on the email to delete it and the picture comes up? Is there a way to delete it in Outlook without looking at it or clicking on it?

I appreciate any feedback. :)
  by: ConservativeGuy   11/27/2003 03:40 AM     
If you have your AV software set to scan your mail and you have updated virus definitions then it should catch it before it can be displayed. All email-borne viruses/trojans/worms/etc need to have attachments run in order to infect your computer -- aside from ones that use buffer overflows or malicious scripting in conjuction with security flaws in browsers/email clients but I think they have been pretty much erradicated. If you are asked to run an activex control on any email always answer no. Activex controls can easily contain malicious code and will sneak past AV software easily.
  by: treyjazz   11/27/2003 08:39 AM     
I don't know, I don't use OutLook at all =p
  by: VgManiac   12/03/2003 12:13 AM     
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