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                 04/24/2014 12:08 AM  
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11/26/2003 02:29 PM ID: 34368 Permalink   

Hacker Caught Driving With Pants Down Watching Child Porn


Toronto traffic police were in a dilemma over what to charge first Walter Nowakowski, 33, of Delhi near Toronto, Canada.

He was driving the wrong way on a one-way road, with his pants around his ankles while watching child porn pics on his laptop, being downloaded using a hijacked wireless Internet connection.

Later Police searched his house where they found 10 computers and thousands of CDs and floppy disks suspected to contain child porn.

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Your under arrest for dangerous driving, about three counts of, and possesing child pornography, you have the right to be beaten to death by your cellmate.
  by: Necralis   11/26/2003 03:28 PM     
Not bad for the most part, i would just like to edit the last part

"You have the right to be sodomised to death by your cellmate"

have a nice day!
  by: Koultunami     11/26/2003 04:15 PM     
Now these perverts can get away with illegal pornography by using wireless connections which aren't detectable through networks. This guy will be locked up quickly while people like Michael Jackson walk freely and actually do acts this guy jacks off to.
  by: ConservativeGuy   11/26/2003 05:09 PM     
  i was  
going 2 say only in america but this guy was in canada ha
  by: leviathanticus   11/26/2003 05:26 PM     
  Before doing anything else to him  
cut his nuts off first.
  by: Hoz     11/27/2003 12:09 AM     
  Why so violent?  
this guy is no doubt evil.. but your using violence to 'punish' him for watching something.. as disgusting as it may be.
  by: yomasta   11/27/2003 03:11 PM     
  Guess I'm just a violent person  
Who has no time worth worthless child abusers. If ya don't like it, then don't read it.. This is the real world!
  by: Hoz     11/27/2003 03:59 PM     
  they have wireless now?  
hmmmmmmmmm its mac time
  by: bigp0nd   11/29/2003 03:29 PM     
First of all hijacked' wireless is a bit of an overstatment- if you leave your phone on the sidewalk and someone uses it, is it there fault for using it, or your fault for not keeping it inside your house and just being a moron? I say we make it harder. All wireless internet owners are required to encrypt the wireless signal so not-just-anyone can use it. I mean there are millions of illegal uses for an open wireless connection (ie anonymus hacking) and by allowing people to leave these open I'm betting there will be more of these situations in the future.
  by: blarge1234567890   12/04/2003 10:59 PM     
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