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                 04/25/2014 10:21 AM  
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11/26/2003 03:43 PM ID: 34370 Permalink   

Software To Send All Singers In Trash Bin


For about $300 a new software can sing any song you want. Vocaloid sings like a soul diva but can be programmed to sound even like Eminem. "We have cracked the genome of the English singing voice," says Ed Stratton, the president of Zero-G.

Using 2500 phonemes at four different pitches, Vocaloid solves the problem of synthesising human voice that has the widest range of transitions between sounds. When a song is loaded it takes the proper transitions from its database and combines them.

Vocaloid will be mostly used for automatic backing vocals as it is said to be too early to replace a lead singer, but Julius Smith of the Stanford University Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics says this approach went much further.

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  Yep...Tha's just what I would  
want to do is spend $300 to sound like enema....oops sorry, I mean Eminem.. I keep getting those two words mixed up.
Of course I think they both have the same meaning.
  by: Hoz     11/27/2003 12:19 AM     
  Any sound clips?  
Wow, sure beats the old synthesizer. Hawking sure would like it. Could be used for animation voice acting.
  by: Trent Steel   11/27/2003 02:00 AM     
  Never mind, here they are. Sounds good...  
but not as good as the article would have you believe.
  by: Trent Steel   11/27/2003 02:03 AM     
  Okay, last comment...  
I thought the lead singer in the first English sample was done by the software, turns out ONLY the background singers are.
  by: Trent Steel   11/27/2003 02:15 AM     
  Tupac wanna be's...  
Yeah that's right =p Now the big hoaks will live on with people singing like Tupac and labelling it as Tupac's "new" songs."
  by: VgManiac   11/27/2003 02:18 AM     
  Record Labels  
They're gonna be lovin' this. No Royalties.
  by: mightymojo     11/27/2003 05:37 AM     
  Warning: limitless manufactured pop!  
OK there is enough music already that I trully dispise. If this is the route that music is going to take then we run the risk of having exponentialy more music churned out that is utter crud.
  by: sparky_fox   11/27/2003 11:05 AM     
  Why not  
most stuff these days is turned out by people with no talent - so its a logical step to do away with the people.
  by: gr0wlley   11/27/2003 11:26 AM     
  now the riaa  
Now the friggin' riaa would be able to pocket ALL the money, and not have to worry about sharing it with the artists.
  by: ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh   11/27/2003 03:12 PM     
  ya but you gotta admit  
it doesnt sound that bad, if you didnt know it was a program i wouldnt have thought twice that it wasnt a "real" artist singing background.
  by: inpherno3   11/27/2003 04:20 PM     
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