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                 02/23/2018 02:57 PM  
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02/09/2001 10:10 AM ID: 3468 Permalink   

Girl Wants to End Her Army Career and Poses Topless


Lance Corporal Roberta Winterton wants to leave the army, because she wants to become a glamour model.

Now you can see her topless or (dressed) in the UK online paper The Sun.

Although she liked the years in the army she now wants to do more "tasteful" photos. For what she did she faces a few charges and might be kicked out of the 9 Supply Regiment at Hullavington Barracks in Wiltshire.

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go to the sun or the page3 thing.
unless youre old enough. but theyre pornographic sites, although you could by the newspaper in any shop, and i dont think, theyd mind when 13 year olds buy a paper.
but its not my fault when you have to look at naked women.
ive told you its bad for you. and i hope youll respect it.
  by: Ludmila     02/09/2001 11:13 AM     
  nice comments  
for the more curious ones, well not for me
  by: Keith     02/09/2001 11:22 AM     
  we just  
had a really bad argument on the chat.
sandra didnt like the news. she said its against shortnews' terms and conditions - although the sun was actually a bookmarked source.
so i just made her really angry, by arguing that my news wasnt so bad, and that pictures of naked people arent necessarily pornography, and that there are more links to the sun with serious news, but once youre on the sun's site, youve always got the possibility to click on the chicks. cause you cant link it to the articles everyone who clicks the sun gets where ive sent them.
i still dont agree this news is against the terms and conditions.
we had on discussions about it, and just photos of just one person were usually okay. and thats been here the same. so i dont know, why photos with an article should be treated differently.
pages with pornographic sites were pages with sex and nothing but sex on them.
The quality of the sun might be bad. but its not a sex magazine. not yet. and its not even close.

i think sandra wasnt very happy about having links to naked women. and if i would have known, that there are photos of the chick naked i wouldnt have written it, but when i tried it first i couldnt find them, probably the computer was a bit slow. so my apologies, next time ill do better research.
and then a little story: sandra actually left when i mentioned her nakednews. (website delivers news in the nude)... she should have known, that i wouldnt argue for naked chicks when i know im at least a little wrong with my link. and it was easy to see, that my link was a bit naked. if i wouldnt have known that shes got this naked news thing id never have argued that naked chicks are great and that so far news with them have been great, and that i find it unfair that she doesnt like my news.
and dear sandra, walking out and slamming the door is AGAIN not a discussion.
and telling me i dont respect your opinions is just wrong! if youd have some i could respect them. but when youre nakednews are okay with the terms and conditions and not pornographic and my news is pornography i just do not understand what your opinion is.
it might be "im always right and everyone else is always wrong".
i didnt think you were like that, and i expected you to be a bit more careful and considerate.

and im looking forward to thalions opinion - maybe you could log him on with a different use name this time?!?!?!

im looking forward to any comment thats gonna explain to me why the sun is more pornographic than nakednews.
  by: Ludmila     02/09/2001 11:50 AM     
It would be nice if you could get at least a couple of facts straight, once in a while.

Personally, I don't care about pictures of naked women. However, as I understand our terms and conditions, our news is supposed to be suitable for children, which means no links to pages where naked pictures are shown. I clicked on your Sun link - there was the article. I clicked on the link for the article, and above it was a picture of a half-naked woman. Below it were several more of her. And below that were several more of other women.

I asked if this didn't violate that condition.

You ranted and raved for some time about how prudish I am, and how I don't like your story. Despite my saying several times I thought the story was interesting, and that it wasn't my choice to post these terms and conditions, I am only trying to follow them.

Not once did you give any rational explanation to support your argument about the terms and conditions - for instance, the .de discussions might have been interesting, although there is more than one naked woman on the same page as your story. Not to mention that you were one of those who objected to the Pamela Anderson story shortly after we opened, and that had just one woman on it.

Oh, and let's not forget to mention that when you posted the story, it said that you can see her (dressed) at the Sun, which she certainly was not.

Yes, you mentioned another article I wrote. An article that shows no naked people when you click on any link on it. To see naked women, you have to continue on the website, as well as certify that you are over 18. That's completely different from the story itself being surrounded by naked pictures. I left because it was lunchtime, so don't flatter yourself.

And no, I have no objection to Ananova. I told you that during the discussion, as you know. Nor do I have an objection to the Sun, so long as the articles themselves, the one that you have to read as part of the article you posted, are not covered with naked pictures. If they have pornography all over the rest of the site, it is irrelevant.


  by: SandraG     02/09/2001 12:55 PM     
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