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                 02/19/2018 10:49 PM  
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12/09/2003 10:11 AM ID: 34819 Permalink   

New Spam Filter Developed by Yahoo


Yahoo has announced their latest ideas in fighting spam. The company is working on a software that will change the way that eMail is sent out. The software, Domain Keys, will hopefully be launched as early as next year.

The system that is sending out the eMail will embed a private key into the message header and the receiving system will then check the Internet domain name. If the public key does not recognise the private key as authentic, the eMail will be blocked.

The vice president of communication products at Yahoo, Brad Garlinghouse, told press: "What we're proposing here is to re-engineer the way the Internet works with regard to the authentication of e-mail... It's a great tool to have in the toolbox."

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