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                 01/20/2018 09:49 PM  
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02/12/2001 05:17 PM ID: 3519 Permalink   

Human Corpse Exhibition Angers Locals


An exhibition that has not even opened in Berlin is angering many people because it consists entirely of human corpses that have been mummified and then dismembered to show peoples insides.

Koerpewelten or Body Worlds is the brainchild of Professor Gunther von Hagens who fills the dead bodies with synthetic resin which preserves them and then cuts them up to look like anatomical models.

Many people are however disgusted with the exhibition while the church finds it ethically wrong. Even so, 3,000 more people have signed up to have their bodies preserved this way in the future.

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  ive been there  
when it was exhibited in cologne last
it was very very interesting.
about the aesthetics i dont know, but
i found it was good to see how we
look like from the inside, how
muscles work, how theyre attached
to the bones, how the organs are
connected and where theyre placed.
i thought it was nice of this doctor to
make it possible for everyone to have
a look at anatomy. it´s often quite
difficult to understand what doctors
talk about, but once youve seen it, its
a little easier to imagine.
(although i can understand that
some people find it gross and dont
wanna go there.)
  by: Ludmila     02/12/2001 05:41 PM     
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