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                 01/20/2018 09:42 PM  
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02/13/2001 12:52 PM ID: 3544 Permalink   

Who will be nominated for the Oscars?


Everyone in Hollywood is excited about the nominations for this year's Oscars that are to be announced today at 1335 GMT. The Oscar ceremony, hosted by Steve Martin, will happen on March 25th.

The favorite for this year's Oscars is certainly the epic Gladiator that is expected to take more than one Oscar. Other hot contenders are martial-arts box-office hit Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (in Mandarin) and drug-movie Traffic.

A favorite for best actor is Tom Hanks who starred in Cast Away, but Julia Roberts might also have chances for Erin Brokovich. The UK hopes for awards for Young Jamie Bell for his role in the dancer comedy Billy Elliot.

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  ive seen the gladiator  
yippie, it was so interesting and good that all i can remember is in which cinema it was...
  by: Ludmila     02/13/2001 01:14 PM     
  who cares....  
about the damn oscars anyway????

  by: cameron     02/13/2001 01:34 PM     
  no surprises...  
doesn't surprise me then, that it is being handled as the hottest favourite fotr the Oscars, then...
  by: miss i     02/13/2001 01:35 PM     
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