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                 01/16/2018 10:30 PM  
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01/04/2004 07:10 AM ID: 35672 Permalink   

Croc Hunter avoids charges over son's "first croc demo"


"Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin won't face charges over an incident in which he held his infant son in one arm as he fed a crocodile from his other hand. The televised incident drew a storm of criticism from viewers.

Family and children's groups called Irwin irresponsible and reckless, and a rival croc farm owner said, "I think he's a bloody idiot." Australian workplace rules prohibit unauthorized people from entering a public crocodile enclosure.

"I was in complete control of the crocodile. Robert was tucked right in my arm," Irwin said. Some compared his action to Michael Jackson's stunt in which he dangled his baby over a balcony in 2002.

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How Can They Compare It To Michael Jackson? Steve Irwin is A Professional Crocodile Handler, If MJ Becomes A Professional Baby Dangler Then They Can Compare! BTW I Don't Like Either Of Them But I'd Trust A Baby With Steve Irwin And A Crocodile, Then With Micheal Jackson And His Atrophied Arms
  by: TheManThatUFear   01/04/2004 05:04 PM     
Yeah, exactly... I mean, Irwin made a mistake, realized it and feels terrible guilt for it too. I think he said he was considering quitting show biz. I mean, sure, it was a stupid act, but in front of a camera, people often act stupid. Look at Girls Gone Wild :P...

Your exactly right tho. He's a professional. He knows Gators and Crocs like the back of his hands. I mean, I dont think he honestly thought he was putting his child in any harm. I think he was just so used to working with Crocs he didn't see the danger...
  by: seniorgato     01/04/2004 09:12 PM     
  bad judement  
how you can be in complete control of a baby with one arm is imposible, if irwin is feeding the crocodile then his attention cant be fully on his son.

just because something didn't go wrong, doesn't mean it couldn't have. He is very lucky they didn't persue this, or he may have had his kids taken away.
  by: sparky_fox   01/05/2004 10:27 AM     
  the difference.  
there is a difference here. he is an australian, and over here we dont sensationalise things so much. he would have got a slap on the wrist and some minor bad publicity, maybe even some comial publicity, had he been only an australian star.
but the way he has been violated by the story-hungry media is not deserved.
  by: hungrylikethewolf   01/05/2004 06:56 PM     
comial = comical
and before someone jumps down my throat by saying that australian press reacted the same way as american, the australians were just following suit.
  by: hungrylikethewolf   01/05/2004 06:58 PM     
  re: Australian media  
I seem to recall that Rupert Murdoch is a native Ozzie. Would he be an example of a media tycoon with restraint?
  by: sbenglish     01/05/2004 07:28 PM     
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