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                 01/19/2018 08:41 PM  
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01/04/2004 02:17 PM ID: 35675 Permalink   

Irwin Hurt Over Child Neglect Inquiry


After attending a media conference on the incident where he held his infant child in one arm while feeding a crocodile with another, Steve Irwin returned to Australia Zoo to perform his midday show.

During this show, Irwin dropped his usual show and started to talk about how family is THE most important thing in his life and how he would never put his kids in danger. Irwin then started to tell the audience that he was in control the entire time.

Irwin related the story to his mum dying in a car crash, it was here that he broke down into tears. Irwin then tried to finish the show but was eventually helped off the stage by his dad. Irwin is reported to be considering withdrawing from the media.

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Spare us the caps since they seem to indicate an opinion here.
  by: JFURY     01/04/2004 05:58 PM     
Okay. He doesn't seem like the idiotic Michael Jackson type. Sure he's a little crazy, but he's a true professional. That doesn't really excuse putting his child in danger, but I believe he genuinely did not believe there was any danger.

I mean, he is the master of lizards and snakes of all types. I mean, at least he feels back about it. I think sometimes the camera makes you act a little stupid.
  by: seniorgato     01/04/2004 07:04 PM     
He emphasised the word, not me.
  by: kizzoo   01/05/2004 12:39 PM     
Doesn't that all make it exactly like the Michael Jackson stunt? Michael got caught up with the crowd, the moment... just like Alligator man with the camera.

Last I remembered, you cannot control animals completely and accidents were called accidents because you were not expecting them.

You can't control a warm gentle breeze--or a hurricane.
  by: TrueCrimeFanatic   04/02/2004 08:51 PM     
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