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                 01/16/2018 10:29 PM  
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01/04/2004 03:53 PM ID: 35677 Permalink   

NASA Rover Sends First Pictures


After the landing of NASA's Spirit, (sn reported), the first pictures have been sent home.

Dozens of high-resolution images were taken by the Spirit and transmitted home in just 12 minutes. The pictures show the complete panorama of the landing site.

NASA had two rovers on their way to Mars, Spirit was the first, the second is due to land in a few week's time.

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  Up yours, Europe!  
  by: xedaps     01/04/2004 04:07 PM     
...wasn't that mature?
  by: Bottled   01/04/2004 10:54 PM     
At least we can come up with decent names ;)
What you gonna call the next one?
Honour? Heroe's Destiny?
  by: Sand-Rabbit   01/05/2004 12:29 AM     
...that was just about as mature. Come on folks; if you can't do anything more than bicker and flame, don't bother :|
  by: Bottled   01/05/2004 03:27 AM     
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