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                 01/22/2018 03:39 AM  
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01/04/2004 04:51 PM ID: 35682 Permalink   

GTA Suit To Move To Federal Court


The lawsuit filed against the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" is being moved to the federal court. The suit, filed by Haitian civil rights groups, asks that the game be banned from stores because it is a danger to society.

The game awards points for every Haitian the player kills. However, Rockstar Games Inc have said that the line "kill the Haitians" will be removed from future versions of Vice City.

It was Rockstar Games who asked the case be heard in the federal court. Haitian civil liberties groups are asking for US$15,000 in damages.

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  Utter crap  
What the hell is wrong with people? Do we see a bunch of Germans suing EA Games because of Battlefield 1942? Have we heard from the Columbians who also feature in Vice City? No. It's a game - deal with it.

Danger to society my ass.
  by: Basscone   01/04/2004 05:00 PM     
  Damages? What Damages?  
Unless someone walked into a meeting of theirs and said "I was told you guys suck by this game and I agree" then there are no "damages". I don't think I have ever heard of that culture/race.
  by: blarge1234567890   01/04/2004 05:20 PM     
People are stupid... It just so happens that every few years you get some that come out of their hole and make a fool of themselves.

What the hell would they do with 15 grand?! thats probably 25 cents for every copy of the game out. Which brings another thought mabey the 'damages' are accounting for the games already out that say what they dont like.
  by: luc1dDr3am     01/04/2004 05:29 PM     
  people are going to get the wrong impression  
as anyone who's played the game knows, "Haitians" is used more as a gang ID than a national identifier. It's Mafia-talk, as in, "We got the Cubans, the Columbians and the Haitians to compete with down there."

But if you haven't played the game, it sounds like some bizarre, anti-Haiti rampage shooter!
  by: sbenglish     01/04/2004 05:41 PM     
  money always fixes the problem...  
So which 'damages' is this $15,000 going to fix?

What a load of crap. These guys are sounding like your typical Jewish rights activist. Complain, Complain, Complain.

This is becoming all too typical these days.
  by: australian_psycho   01/05/2004 05:40 PM     
Maybe their just trying to make a point. We shouldn't complain that they're only asking for $15,000. If they are asking for 50 million thats another case. It were that, I feel we would complain as well.
  by: Status-Quo   01/09/2004 05:36 AM     
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