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                 01/24/2018 08:16 AM  
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01/04/2004 06:19 PM ID: 35692 Permalink   

Similarity Found Between Being a Football Player and Being in a Car Crash


Virgina Tech researchers have found that football players endure hits as hard as the ones people endure in car crashes. This research will help them learn more about concussions. Special helmets are being used to measure the impact of hits.

Several star quarterbacks like Troy Aikman and Steve Young quit football because of repeated hits to their heads. In the study, quarterbacks received the fewest hits. They had 8 special helmets and rotated them among 38 players.

3,312 hits were recorded during 10 games and 35 practices. Several players had 130g hits recorded on their helmets. A 120g hit could kill someone who doesn't wear a seatbelt. Headaches were frequently reported by players after the games.

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  All in the genes  
Notice how some people can fall or slip a little and get paralyzed? Yet another person could survive extreme falls from much bigger heights and still continue to walk afterwards. Genetics!
  by: morph   01/06/2004 01:29 AM     
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