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                 01/18/2018 08:26 PM  
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01/09/2004 04:14 AM ID: 35827 Permalink   

Female Teacher and 11 y.o. Boy Said to Have Sexual Relationship


The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrested 49 year old music teacher Carol Flannigan on charges that she had a 19 month long sexual relationship with an 11 year old boy. The boy is now 13 and his stepmother alerted police.

Police say they had the boy call the teacher and they overheard her telling the boy to lie about the relationship. Flannigan is being charged with two counts of capital sexual battery against a child under 12 years of age and four other counts.

The teacher had been investigated by the Department of Children and Families in 2002 after her husband revealed to a counselor that she had expressed feelings of a sexual nature after a kiss with a 12 y.o. boy. The agency found she only "tap kissed."

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  Im pretty sure  
That she will get off with a slap on a wrist. Had this been a guy he would be labeled a monster and locked away for a lengthy period. Hopefully I am wrong.
  by: JeiAr   01/09/2004 06:13 AM     
  its true  
women get away with this stuff way easier than men, socialy and lawfuly.
  by: fordy929   01/09/2004 07:01 AM     
  not always  
remember 1 teacher got 15 yrs prison term and lost custody of the child she conceived the the teenager
  by: mikkitaz   01/09/2004 03:52 PM     
  How horrible is this?  
They had this going for 19 months. We can all be morally outraged but I doubt this boy suffered very much. Is it fair to label the woman as a child molester? I'd be careful to do that, since the consequences to her would be quite horrible.

Naturally it would be inappropriate for this woman to remain in her teaching job, but clearly strong feelings are involved. It's quite a tragic story overall.
  by: mberg     01/09/2004 04:59 PM     
  Wish it was that simple  
I doubt this is an easy problem to sort out.

The child could have been pressured into the act, even if he wasn't that's not the point.

She's a child molester, no doubt about it. The law is pretty clear on it being "any" contact of a sexual nature, regardless of consent, against a minor.

Hopefull the kid's ok, but in these cases it rarely turn's out that way.
  by: splicer   01/09/2004 06:21 PM     
  @ mberg  
'Strong Feelings' involved? Well...duh.
Those were strong SEXUAL feelings. The woman has had problems like this in the past when she was caught kissing a boy that was sleeping over at her house. But being a woman, she will not serve any meaningful time for this.
  by: Arthur Phrain   01/09/2004 07:09 PM     
  Oh well  
Oh well she should have not done it.

In the uk there is a law saying teachers can have a professional realtionship and nothing else.

And is this not also underage sex involved?????
  by: si182uk   01/09/2004 07:25 PM     
It would be interesting to know if the young man was traumatized by this. For all we know, he may have partially instigated it!
  by: schoonernc   01/10/2004 02:22 AM     
  maybe it's just me...  
But I think it's alot more harmful when it's an old guy and a young girl. Though not appropriate, I think the kid will be just fine. He's doing alright for 13 :)
  by: Status-Quo   01/10/2004 05:55 AM     
ok this kid was 11 years old when this started out he couldn't even get hard i bet and has no "raging hormones" it was this sick teacher they should lock her up for as long as a man would get for this visa vera act.
  by: themandude15   01/11/2004 12:39 AM     
  I think  
Anyone who says "He probably enjoyed it" is not thinking about the big picture.

Sure, I remember when I was 10 - 12 years old I had sexual urges etc and knew females my age that did too. But does that make it right for an adult to act upon that even if it is consentual?

I don't think you can say it's okay or he enjoyed it etc before asking yourself that.

Just my .02
  by: JeiAr   01/11/2004 04:17 PM     
  good point Jeiar  
How possible is it for an 11 year old male to seduce an adult? This does not seem like a level playing field between an adult who can seduce a kid who won't be able to process what is happening at this young age.
And women who perpetrate love it when people say their acts aren't detrimental to the boys and girls they fondle. Boys put in this situation are less likely to report it because of what society tells them.

See this link:
"Only a few studies have exclusively examined the effects of female sexual coercion of adult men. The classic work is that of Sarrel and Masters (1982) who discussed the emotional impact on 11 men who had been sexually molested by females. In the course of counseling for sexual problems, the men revealed recent and past incidents of forcible rape, abuse by a baby-sitter, incest and assault by a dominant woman. The authors documented a posttraumatic reaction involving depression and sexual aversion and dysfunction."
  by: JFURY     01/11/2004 04:53 PM     
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