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                 02/21/2018 01:54 PM  
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02/14/2001 12:42 PM ID: 3594 Permalink   

Research: Young Love Causes Depression Not Happiness


Researchers of the University of North Carolina have found out, that romance is linked to depression. Especially young girls who are dating someone show increased depression levels.

As married people have happier lives than unmarried people the result was surprising.
Possibly teenage girls are not settled enough. They make their lives too dependent on this one friend so that little arguments get them very depressed

But it's not clear if it's only romance and little self esteem that causes the depressions.
Possibly only teenagers who have lots of arguments with their parents (and therefore are unhappier) are more likely to date someone.

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  i am glad  
not to be teenager anymore
  by: Keith     02/14/2001 12:57 PM     
  im sorry  
i couldnt say it better on this little space.
but the article was very interesting.
it questioned the method as well, cause it is impossible to get to proper results when you don't take people with all their relationships to other people into account but just with one particular friendship that migh tnot be typical for the person's life.
so if youre interested, its well worth reading the source.
also, because the headline and sum up are very much simplified and the rest isnt. id come up with a completely different summary than they did.
i just say that because we were discussing the quality of sourves before, and thats a nice example to show how different one information can look like.
have fun!
  by: Ludmila     02/14/2001 12:59 PM     
  didnt read yours before i submitted mine  
but what the article got right was, that "love" or whatever you wanna call it can cause both - very positive and very negative emotions - and that's very true... and i hope ill never get too old to get both - very very very incredibly happy and sometimes depressed (which makes me appreciate the happiness even more)

  by: Ludmila     02/14/2001 01:02 PM     
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