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                 02/25/2018 07:01 AM  
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02/15/2001 11:18 AM ID: 3625 Permalink   

Carnivore Gets a Less Aggressive Name


In an attempt to make it seem less threatening, the FBI has decided to rename its cybersnooper Carnivore, to DCS1000 - a name sure to be inoffensive. Carnivore has raised concerns that it can be used to invade privacy in the hunt for cybercriminals.

"With upgrades come new names," said an FBI spokesman. "Had it not been called Carnivore, it probably wouldn't have stirred as much controversy." He added that the new name "doesn't stand for anything."

Critics think the name change is pointless. "It’s not the name that worries people," said a privacy advocate. "It’s the way this system works." Another adds that the alpha-numeric name is cold and confusing.

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