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                 01/19/2018 09:53 PM  
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02/02/2004 10:56 AM ID: 36599 Permalink   

Jordan's Pregnant Sex Video Shocker


Model Jordan, recently famous for her appearance on I'm A Celebrity, plays a big part in a porn video which has surfaced on the black market. Entitled 'Who Let The Dogs Out?', it shows her having full sex while in early pregnancy.

The four minute film, shot on a handheld camcorder, is being distributed in CD-ROM format and is likely to be in wide circulation before long. The timing could not be worse for the British model who has been winning hearts on I'm A Celebrity.

The timing of the videos release looks to be in an effort to cash in on her recent popularity, but the makers do her no favours, particularly with the closing credits reading: The End (Until the next guy films the silly cow).

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I wouldnt mine watching that video ;) Whos got a link?
  by: vroxx   02/08/2004 11:45 PM     
  old news?  
I think its with Dane Bowers, i've seen this advertised on warez site et cetera for years.

Ugh, her body is repulsive why would you want to pay urgh...

anyway... >_<
  by: Koultunami     02/09/2004 01:00 AM     
  Any answer my question?  
Who is this any ways?

I saw a related article on but I didn't read it in time. :( Who is she again?
  by: marquisj   02/14/2004 08:43 AM     
  My, my...  
what a waste of web page.?!
  by: havnfuhn   02/22/2004 10:02 AM     
  When will they learn  
Still can't believe how stupid people are to either be taped or photographed by boyfriends or even husbands and at the very least take the videos and pics with them.

  by: allbets     03/15/2004 12:21 AM     
good point. If it's not a publicity stunt on their part or a way to be vindictive on their SO's part, I don't know what else is.
  by: krinsh   06/29/2004 05:37 PM     
  Old news, read about it ages ago. n/t  
  by: tempest     06/29/2004 05:43 PM     
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