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                 01/21/2018 07:32 AM  
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02/06/2004 12:50 PM ID: 36747 Permalink   

Breaking News: Missing Florida Girl Found, Dead


Breaking News: Carlie Brucia's body has been found behind a church in Sarasota, FL. Police state that it is indeed her, and the familiar pink backpack was found with her body.

Joesph P. Smith, who was arrested earlier in the week for the crime, has not yet been charged, and remains uncooperative.

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  My thoughts  
go to the parents.

If the guy in custody is guilty, may the law sentence him to the maximum punishment possible.
  by: boolie     02/06/2004 01:10 PM     
  That is bad...  
The parents will need to cling onto anything they can for hope. My darker side wants this scumbag to get death...but life in prison would be more torment on his mind.

Who is to say he won't die in prison? Most hardcore prison men hate these guys.
  by: morph   02/06/2004 02:20 PM     
  The source  
has been updated since this news was posted here. The source Rich based his summery on was only 2 paragraphs long..
  by: boolie     02/06/2004 02:58 PM     
  sorry boolie  
first attempt at news posting around here, wans't much i could say.
  by: richjournalist     02/06/2004 09:18 PM     
  @ rich  
it wasn't a complaint at you, it was to prevent others saying that your version was incomplete if they checked your summery against the source hours after you submitted the news.

The summery was absolutely fine :o)
  by: boolie     02/06/2004 09:53 PM     
  oh ok  
no i didn't consider it a flame, but i wanted to be sure i pointed out the noobishness of me in that lol but anyway.
  by: richjournalist     02/07/2004 12:24 AM     
Hang the bastard! Of course, by the balls!
  by: jchallquist   02/07/2004 06:59 AM     
  Hangin's too good for this one...  
This mother****er needs to be set on fire and put out with icepicks.

Edited by admin please watch your language
  by: Darkwitch   02/07/2004 10:56 AM     
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