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                 02/25/2018 12:28 AM  
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02/10/2004 04:02 AM ID: 36843 Permalink   

Bush Report: Economy is Recovering


The Bush Administration has released a 412 page "Economic Report of the President" which states that the economy has recovered after an internet stock bubble in 2000, 9-11, two wars, corporate accounting scandals, and a recession.

A year ago, unemployment was rising and economy recovery was slow. The Bush report says that in 2004 2.6 million jobs will be created and there will be a 4% growth rate. Bush attributes his tax cut with stimulating economic growth.

Democrats are quick to point out that 2.2 million payroll jobs have been lost since Bush became President. Candidate John Kerry says of the last 11 presidents, Bush has the worst record when it comes to creating jobs.

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  Bush Revises Reason for Bush Report  
President Bush and Vice President Cheney are now saying the reason for the Bush Report was because the Econdomy COULD be recovering. This comes after experts have said that the economy will probably not recover and a commission is investigating pre Bush Report info.

Cheney told Republican donors yesterday "We know that the Economy had the intent to recover with lots of money for all. And The economy had something else -- it had a record of previously recovering..."
  by: koultunami     02/10/2004 02:06 PM     
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