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                 02/09/2016 06:32 AM  
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02/17/2004 10:24 PM ID: 37089 Permalink   

Woman Lived And Slept With Corpse For A Year


Mary Ellen Lyons, an elderly woman living in rural Ireland with her brother Michael, kept a dark secret - that their sister Agnes, who also lived in the same house, had been dead for a year.

Life for the two went on, with Mary even sharing Agnes's bed. The family were extremely religious and lived in an isolated part of Ireland, so much so Michael would never open either sisters room, or even watch the television if a woman was on it.

Mary even forgot when it was that sister Agnes expired: "I have tried to remember when Agnes died but I just can't remember. I remember getting Christmas cards at Christmas 2002 but I cannot remember if Agnes was dead at the time."

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  So what?  
I've been saying that about my wife for years.
  by: Arthur Phrain   02/17/2004 11:03 PM     
  LOL Arthur  
So you wake up with a stiff every morning?? ;)
  by: Flashby     02/17/2004 11:26 PM     
  lol Arthor  
some funny comments on the forum coming through.


  by: morph   02/18/2004 04:10 AM     
Eeeeek that’s really creepy,
How on earth could they ignore the smell ?
  by: DV8Nemesis   02/22/2004 08:33 AM     
  Hard to ignore rotting flesh...  
This article killed me. Another example of truth is stranger than fiction....
  by: morugb     05/04/2004 09:01 PM     
  Who said waking up with a stiff? ROFL n/th  
  by: imsasy2u     05/04/2004 10:45 PM     
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