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                 01/18/2018 08:47 PM  
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02/19/2004 10:17 PM ID: 37178 Permalink   

Snorting Alcohol Can Be As Damaging As Cocaine


A device which installed recently at a bar in Bristol, UK, which allows users to sniff the alcoholic beverage of their choice can do similar damage to the nasal passages as heavy cocaine use, British researchers warn.

"There would be some irritant effect because alcohol is a defatting agent and if it overloaded cells and damaged them there could be some pathology." said Leeds University's Alastair Hay, a top toxicologist.

The vapourised alcohol effects the body in such a way that somebody could easily pass a breathalyser test but be too drunk to drive a car. Another side effect could be brain damage, but this is seen as an extreme reaction.

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why would you uwant to snort liquor?
  by: groomsy     02/20/2004 09:53 AM     
i don't think its actualy a liquid, just the vapour, reasons why would include the whole drink driving thing, and that it probably gives you a diffrent type of high.

just something diffrent i suppose.
  by: Fort   02/20/2004 01:01 PM     
I guess this makes the beer bong a thing of the past, right?
  by: havnfuhn   02/22/2004 09:51 AM     
  Re: Why?  
Because it gives you a much more direct hit than drinking it. It gives you a high. It makes the effects of it faster and therefore stronger. It is also legal, and not covered by as many licencing laws as alchohol.
  by: cosmicaeons   04/12/2004 02:47 PM     
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